"No guts, no glory. No legend, no story."  - Anonymous


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For us, a brand is all about guts and glory because a brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company. It’s a gut feeling because despite our best efforts to be rational, we are all emotional, intuitive beings. A brand is defined by the individuals who choose it – not the company or the market, but by one person at a time. When enough individuals arrive at the same gut feeling, then you have a brand, and it is defined by what these consumers say it is. Great brands are not as they exist on an Excel sheet but as they exist in the minds of consumers. 

The LemonTree partners way

We need to listen better to the voice of the consumers; they determine our brand, not us.
We need to refresh our brand and better communicate what we stand for.
We need to ensure our employees understand our brand and deliver on it.
We need to get leaders on the same page and create a brand-building game plan.
We need to delight the customer from the moment they decide to buy us to moment they use us.
We need a new competitive brand position to take us to the next level and drive growth.
We need a strategic brand roadmap to prioritize and allocate resources.
We need a fresh visual identity to break through the clutter of competing brands.
We need to streamline the brand messaging to increase the brand’s consistency.
We need to define the brand’s architecture to provide clear differentiation and consumer targeting.
We need to operationalize our brand at key touchpoints.
We need to create a better way to organize or architect our brands for better market resonance.
We need to apply the brand to sales and marketing channels to improve customer acquisition.
We need to hire better staff to improve our brand leadership and management.
We need to enhance teamwork to increase productivity and engagement.


Brand Building


We help clients to understand their distinctive strengths, figure out where they fit in the competitive landscape, define a unique position for each of their brands and establish naming and messaging architectures that create clarity, drive differentiation and produce real business results.

Brand researcH

Identify what's being said about your brand behind your back. The bitter reality is that the only way you can survive and stand out from your competitors is through differentiation. And what differentiates your business from others is your brand! Ascertain how your brand is performing in the eyes of your customers, determine your position compared to competitors and review

Brand Strategy

Shape your strategy and tell your story. Great strategy is about making choices on what to stop doing, what to start doing and what to keep doing and sticking with the choices, that is. A great brand is a story well told. Great stories happen to brands that can tell them. Great businesses are successful because they aligned the right strategy and told the right the story. Get your “Big Think” clear, and execute it. 

Brand Identity

What are the aesthetic foundations of your brand? Your brand’s identity is a unique genetic map that, when decoded, is brilliantly simple. We use visual expression to strategically signal organizational advancement, engage new audiences and revitalize old ones. We take the science of brand strategy and give it the creative force to perform at its highest potential level. 

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Team Building


We help companies to galvanize the brand team that will take the message and visions to the market and to all of the employees. We work with your team to develop and deliver engaging brand-building programs that align and energize employees around a common brand vision. Having the right team in the right roles sharing the right message is the bedrock for long-term success for any brand.  

Brand Team assessment

Discover what makes you and your team tick. Forge stronger relationships and drive performance through increased self-awareness and improved interpersonal dynamics. Gain a deeper understanding of business behavior styles, values, motivators and personal skills. Connect individual assessments to a gap analysis of the team and build a bridge of understanding to strengthen accomplishments. 

Brand team development

Get the right people on the bus and in the right seats. Refine hiring practices and dodge the duds by taking the guesswork out of hiring. Replace unknown variables with the hard-hitting, personalized data that helps you feel confident about hiring the right candidate for the right job.

Brand culture

Speak your language, and become a part of the tribe. To truly unify the strategic and creative sides of your brand, we get right down into your core culture and embrace it as our own to ensure that the brand we are creating together is authentic to your vision and ethos, and inspires trust, loyalty and love.

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