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While 50 percent of executive leadership transitions fail within 18 months, we make sure it’s your time to shine - not stumble.

You’ve made it to the top. Now what?

Whether you are a starting a new job, being promoted from within, being tapped as the new CEO or in a senior executive, how you manage the transition will determine whether you succeed or fail. Transitions are critical for executives in new roles. In fact, most agree that moving into a new role is the biggest challenge an executive will face. While transitions offer a chance at a fresh start and much-needed changes in a company, they also place leaders in positions of acute vulnerability.

LemonTree Partners changes the way executives transition into new roles and responsibilities. We work for those who have recently been promoted, joined a new company, been part of a merger or a restructuring. Leadership changes are more common and important than ever, but most companies and organizations don’t get it right, with more than 50 percent of transitions being considered a failure within 18 months. Our Executive Transition Programs are proven to decrease transition failure rates and help leaders get up to speed much more rapidly, leading to faster realization of company goals and higher returns on investments. By walking through important aspects of the transition process, we help executives identify the most common pitfalls and provide tools and strategies to avoid them. Our solutions are designed to accelerate results and impact for the clients we serve, ensuring that both the executive and the organization thrive. 

How We Help Our solutions are customized around the core area our clients struggle with the most.

Who We Serve We serve as your trusted guide through those first 90 days and beyond, offering proven methods and strategies for conquering the challenges of transition—no matter what the circumstances. 

•             Recently promoted executives into a more C-suite role
•             First-time executives
•             Experienced executives changing industries
•             Recent merger or restructuring
•             Executives looking to refresh their priorities and plan in their current or a new role

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Executive Transition Lab®:  You’ve Made it to the top. now what?  
Team  alignment lab®: How can you better share your vision?  
Executive renewal lab®: How will you realize your potential?

Executive Transition Lab®

You’ve made it to the top and now what?

The Executive Transition Lab is designed to provide support and direction to leaders who are “taking over the reins” to help them hit the ground running and thrive. The president of the United States gets 100 days to prove him or herself; a new executive gets 90. Often, you are managing under a microscope; a high degree of scrutiny is occurring as everyone tries to figure out who you are as a leader. Opinions of your effectiveness begin to form almost immediately, and once formed, they are very hard to change. Securing early wins and building momentum in those initial months can propel you the rest of the way and help you avoid digging yourself into a hole early on that will be a battle to get out of. By walking you through every aspect of the transition process, we help executives identify the most common pitfalls and provide tools and strategies to avoid them.

High-Impact Benefits for You and Your Organization

  • Strengthen understanding of your personal motivations, values and skills as a person and a leader.

  • Clarify your hopes, fears and where you want to go based on where the organization needs to be.

  • Gather insights on the current landscape, inside and outside the company, to act deliberately on based on knowledge.

  • Craft your vision for the company and your “CEO Story” or stump speech.

  • Formulate a guiding principle for “this is us”; learn to communicate your company’s culture.

  • Figure out how to place the right people in the right seats on the bus; know who can advance your priorities.

  • Assess the stakeholders in and out of your corner.

  • Build a shared vision of success and a 180-day action plan for how to achieve that vision.


Team Alignment Lab®

How Can you better share your vision?

The Team Alignment Lab is designed to turn any new team into a high-functioning team. Whether facing new leadership, new team members, or a redefined, post-change mission, this workshop will rapidly bring a team into a state of higher functioning.

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Executive Renewal Lab®

How will you realize your potential?

Details coming soon

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