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Get Smart & Clear Out What is Holding You & Your Business Back

At  LemonTree  our  philosophy  centers  on  the  belief  that  true  joy  comes  from  building  a  healthy  business  and  a  healthy  mind-set  which  comes  from  being  smarter  about  ourselves  and  others.  We  work  with  female  entrepreneurs  and  executives  to  build  a  healthier  business  and  a  healthier  mindset  through  a  scientific  view  of  knowing  yourself  and  others  better.  We  help  grow  your  ability  to  discover  what  makes  you  –  and  your  team  –  tick,  while  at  the  same  time,  making  sure  you  have  the  right  people  working  on  the  right  things.  
Our  Social  Intelligence  Framework®  helps  you  build  a  healthy  business  and  a  healthy  mindset. 

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Personal  Chemistry®:  Discover  what  makes  you  tick.  
Team  Chemistry®:  Discover  how  to  craft  powerful  working  relationships.  
Smart  Hire®:  Dodge  the  duds  and  put  the  right  people  in  the  proper  roles.
Lemon  Lab®:  Get  everyone  clear  and  working  on  the  right  business  priorities. 

Personal Chemistry®

Discover what makes you tick.

Yes, you can feel confident and connected to your most powerful self and truly transform by knowing your behavioral style, values, motivators, emotional intelligence and personal skills. Building a great career or company starts with you; allowing "your true self" to shine requires really getting to know yourself. you can learn to balance your business and your mind by gaining a full understanding of yourself and your business style. 

Through our Personal Chemistry® assessments, we help you achieve emotional well-being and mental strength through an increased understanding of yourself


Team Chemistry®

Discover how to craft powerful working relationships

Build a high-performance team with a solid framework of understanding. Strengthen the team by gaining detailed insights into the behavioral styles, values, motivators, emotional intelligence and personal skills of your team. The team learns more about their individual types and what to look for in others, and team members brainstorm ways to engage more effectively with one another.

Through our Team Chemistry® assessments, you can transform a team by understanding other workstyles better, allowing you to forge the type of stronger relationships that drive performance.


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Smart Hire®

DOdge the duds and put the right people in the right roles

Business success often comes down to having the right people working for you, doing the right things in the right roles. This is easier said than done! We help you refine hiring practices and dodge the duds by taking the guesswork out of hiring, replacing unknowns with hard-hitting, personalized data.

Through our facilitated Smart Hire® benchmarking solution, we help you confidently hire the right candidate for each job. 

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Lemon Lab®

Get everyone clear on the right business plan and brand strategy.

Every company needs clarity of purpose; without clarity, it is almost impossible to prioritize effectively. Executives often think they have communicated clear priorities, when in fact they have created confusion. Sometimes the strategic objectives are nonexistent or unclear, even in our own minds. For leaders and companies with a highly developed sense of priorities, the payoffs are considerable, as less-vital activities are cut and duplicated efforts are consolidated.

Through our facilitated Lemon Lab® solution, we help you and your staff build a “clear-path” execution mindset.

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