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Alisa has published many articles on life as an entrepreneur and on how companies can build, grow, and sell. She currently writes a monthly column for The Huffington Post on the raw and real world of entrepreneurship. She has published numerous articles on business planning, brand strategy and team building for publications such as Forbes Business Council, CEOWorld, ICMAD Journal, Global Cosmetic Industry, BW Confidential, Happi, Skin Inc., Inside Cosmeceuticals, SupplySide Cosmetic Insights, PBA Progress, and Beauty Packaging Magazine.

90 Days In: A Formula For Successful Executive Transitions

Published on March 15, 2019 by CEOWorld Magazine

For anyone newly promoted into a C-suite or executive level job, the first few months in the position are critical. Not only are new executives faced with taking on the reins of a whole host of new responsibilities, but also often bigger teams and a rush of changing priorities. And rarely does any of this change come with a guidebook or cheat sheet; executives are just expected to adjust and innately know how to handle their new responsibilities smoothly, successfully, and seamlessly—even if they’ve never been in this level of position before.

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