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Alisa Marie reveals the raw & real world of entrepreneurship, sharing the tears and tantrums, struggles and stress, success and failures that make it all worth the ride.

I started my first business at 29 and since that time, I’ve built and sold five companies. Today, I’m the Founder LemonTree Partners. Most people I’ve worked with say I have a talent for figuring out what needs done and then convincing people to jump off a cliff with me to do it. They also say I tend to talk too much and I’m basically useless on Mondays, especially before 9 AM. My grandmother taught me the value of a good martini and a love of daytime soap operas. My Mom and Dad taught me everything else.

More than once, I have read something that gave me clarity, made me laugh, made me feel like my experiences were normal – or that I was indeed not going crazy, which is always a nice validation.

I hope my experiences will equally inspire you. I’m no Anna Quindlen, but I’ll give it a go.

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