HR Professional Breakfast Series presented by LemonTree Partners

Held on March 15, 2018 with Biocom

HR Professional Breakfast Series presented by LemonTree Partners: The American Workplace is Seriously Stressed Out!

Like an illness, stress can spread throughout an office and damage team dynamics. We will share the 7 key stress sources and prompts to address them.

One of the most universal sources of workplace dysfunction is stress, yet companies rarely understand how to identify it, let alone address it. Stress and anxiety lie beneath the surface, and employees learn to cope until they choose to escape the stress by leaving the job or becoming totally disengaged. Left unaddressed, stress and anxiety fester and spread, slowly crippling the tea. Come and learn how diagnosing and tackling the causes of stress in individuals and organizations can lead to higher performance and fewer missed days. Most importantly, attending to workplace stress will reinforce that your company truly cares for its employees.