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 “I work on something a lot of people talk about. Yet very few understand it. Even fewer know how to manage it. Still, everyone I talk to wants it. What is it? Branding! I’m lucky to spend my days working with clients to bring strategy and creativity together to bridge the gap between the logic and the magic to tell a better story.”

– Alisa Marie Beyer, Founder & CEO of LemonTree Partners


Building Brands & Bridges

LemonTree Partners helps to create brands that give customers a reason to buy and employees a reason to believe. The hallmarks of these adored brands are a clear, competitive stance; a sense of truthfulness; and a dedication to aesthetics – in other words, strategy and creativity. We specialize in forging a balance between these defining factors. On one side are the strategists who favor left-brain thinking: analytical, logical, reasoned, numerical, and verbal. On the other side are the creatives who favor right-brain thinking: intuitive, emotional, special, visual, and physical. Any rifts between left and right can cause a brilliant strategy to fail or doom bold creativity...but when you close the gap between logic and magic, you find brands that consumers adore. 

"The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling." Cecil B. DeMille, Filmmaker & Founder of Cinema


"A problem well-stated is half-solved."

Charles Kettering, Inventor & Head of Research for GM


Brand Building

We help clients to understand their distinctive strengths, figure out where they fit in the competitive landscape, define a unique position for each of their brands and establish naming and messaging architectures that create clarity, drive differentiatoin and produce real business results.


Team Building

We help companies to galvanize the brand team that will take the message and visions to the market and to all of the employees. We work with your team to develop and deliver engaging brand-building programs that align and energize employees around a common brand vision. Having the right team in the right roles sharing the right message is the bedrock for long-term success for any brand. 


Organic coffee creamer, fresh lemonade, and massages

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I started my first company in 1996 and keeping talent was competitive. Like most entrepreneurs, I worked hard at making my employees happy and productive.  From weekly happy hours to having organic coffee creamer and fresh lemonade delivered each day, to you guessed it, massages. But no matter what I did, I was on a revenue roller-coaster, profit one month and not the next.

Finally, I worked with a consultant to conduct real assessments on myself and my team. I discovered my staff was stressed out; often did not have the right skills for certain jobs; felt unheard; and were never clear on what really needed to get done. So, they either left the company or drastically underperformed. My managers did not understand their own values and drivers, let alone any of the folks working for them…and I was as guilty as anyone else. A few short years later, my company enjoyed an 87% retention rate, up from 59%, and became the fastest-growing services firm in the US

Alisa Marie Beyer, Founder, LemonTree Partners

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Teams don’t simply happen. And indeed, teams are much more than groups of people. They occur when there are common goals, values, and behaviours.


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