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LemonTree Partners is a boutique strategy firm who helps companies create both healthy and high-performing workplace cultures.



 “Alisa walks in totally prepared to make some magic.
She walks out leaving you with a real sense of purpose, priorities and a plan.”
– J. Barwis, CEO


While 50 percent of executive leadership transitions fail within 18 months,
we make sure it’s your time to shine - not stumble.

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You’ve made it to the top. Now what?

Whether you are a starting a new job, being promoted from within, being tapped as the new CEO or in a senior executive, how you manage the transition will determine whether you succeed or fail. Transitions are critical for executives in new roles. In fact, most agree that moving into a new role is the biggest challenge an executive will face. While transitions offer a chance at a fresh start and much-needed changes in a company, they also place leaders in positions of acute vulnerability.

LemonTree Partners is a boutique strategy company specializing in executive and organizational transitions.

LemonTree Partners changes the way executives transition into new roles and responsibilities. We work for those who have recently been promoted, joined a new company, been part of a merger or a restructuring. Leadership changes are more common and important than ever, but most companies and organizations don’t get it right, with more than 50 percent of transitions being considered a failure within 18 months. Our Executive Transition Programs are proven to decrease transition failure rates and help leaders get up to speed much more rapidly, leading to faster realization of company goals and higher returns on investments. By walking through important aspects of the transition process, we help executives identify the most common pitfalls and provide tools and strategies to avoid them. Our solutions are designed to accelerate results and impact for the clients we serve, ensuring that both the executive and the organization thrive.


What We Believe



At LemonTree Partners we believe that true joy comes from building a healthy business and a healthy mind-set for the executives, the employees and the overall company. Being smarter about ourselves, about others and smarter about our business is how we achieve it.”

– Alisa Marie, CEO LemonTree Partners

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How We Help

Our consulting solutions are customized around the core areas our clients struggle with the most.


Growth Strategy Consulting

So, you started a company. Now what?

Executive Transition Lab

You’ve made it to the top. Now what?

Team Alignment Lab

Your team is just not performing. Now what?

Values & Culture Lab

You’re not sure if your culture is bent or broken. Now what?

Vision & Execution Lab

Your business feels like it’s on a road to nowhere. Now what?



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