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 “My philosophy centers on the principle that true joy and happiness come from building a healthy business and a healthy mind-set. And true happiness comes from being smarter about ourselves and others” 
– Alisa Marie Beyer, Founder & CEO of LemonTree Partners


Lemontree Partners is a business strategy and professional development company focused on bringing wisdom and well-being to entrepreneurs and executives around the globe.

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Energizing entrepreneurs and executives to clear out what’s holding them and their business back

LemonTree Partners energizes entrepreneurs and executives to clear out what’s holding them and their business back by being smarter about themselves and others. We help you make better decisions by enhancing your ability to discover what makes you–and your team–tick, while making sure you have the right people working on the right business strategies and tasks.


Empowering female entrepreneurs with wisdom and well-being

The Lemon Twist empowers female entrepreneurs with wisdom and well-being via an exclusive community of female entrepreneurs run by Alisa Marie Beyer, CEO of LemonTree Partners. Here, Alisa shares the real and raw world of what it means to be a woman who owns or dreams of owning her own business. You will have access to a private Facebook Group, life-changing online and offline courses, worksheets for your business, and access to Alisa Marie herself.


Organic coffee creamer, fresh lemonade, and massages

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I am a wife, a mother of three teenagers, and an entrepreneur who has created five companies and I am now on my sixth one. I started my first company at age 29, and each venture has been a wild ride of tears and tantrums, struggles and stressors, successes and failures, and lasting friendships and memories. Very few people know that I was diagnosed with severe anxiety early in my career, and I now use my experiences of trying keep my emotional well-being on track while also growing my family and building my businesses as inspiration to help other entrepreneurs and executives learn how to clear out whatever holds them or their businesses back. The hallmark of my success has been the ability to create high-performing brands and teams as critical assets to ultimately sell each of my companies, and now I work to do the same for my client companies. The truth is, running and growing my own businesses has transformed my life, and I want the same for you!

Alisa Marie Beyer, Founder & CEO
LemonTree Partners

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Download OUR Guide “What an America’s Cup Winner Can Teach Us About BUILDING HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS

Teams don’t simply happen. And indeed, teams are much more than groups of people. They occur when there are common goals, values, and behaviours.


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